minaandmax.com » Blog http://minaandmax.com Two Dachshunds Who Blog Sat, 17 Jan 2015 00:36:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.1 One Sleepy Day – Woof Wednesday http://minaandmax.com/one-sleepy-day-woof-wednesday/ http://minaandmax.com/one-sleepy-day-woof-wednesday/#comments Wed, 25 Sep 2013 22:15:22 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=656 Hi there! Max here writing today’s post. Well, a lot of really neat things have happened for us this past year. The biggest was that Mina and I, got to move to a new place. Yep! We got to move into a new place where we have a huge doxie window all to ourselves. Now we can both watch all of our new neighbors – humans, canines and those pesky felines, who dare venture into our sight. Ha!

Oh yeah – right outside is a big tree that has lots of squirrels for us to bark at. Mina’s already told me that she is working on a new contraption that will catapult me into the tree so that I can finally catch those vermin! Yet….somehow I think she is really trying to get rid of me. But not so fast, I say! She’s stuck with me ‘fur-ever!’ BOL! (barking out loud). Man, I love her. She is so smart. Well, gotta run…I hear mom calling me for lunch. It’s nom nom time!

Mina & Max nap time
Here we are taking an afternoon snooze – it’s tough work being so adorable!

Our nemises Mr. Squirrel
Ahhh yes! Our #1 nemesis – Mr. Squirrel. One day we WILL get him. WOOF!

Mina annoyed for being woken up
Mina is annoyed at mom for being woken up – just for a pic. BOL!

Mina looking lovely and innocent
Mina now looking innocent, once she realizes who is taking her pic. Isn’t she lovely? I adore my wife!

Mina's new view
Our new view – isn’t ‘pawsome’?! This is Mina sitting pretty. That day I lost the wrestling match for this seat. I pretended to loose so she could have it all to herself. ;)

Max is really relaxed
That’s me! Don’t I look adorable? That day I got the seat all to myself. But it wasn’t the same without Mina.

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Woof Wednesday http://minaandmax.com/woof-wednesday/ http://minaandmax.com/woof-wednesday/#comments Wed, 18 Sep 2013 19:48:07 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=636 Why hello there. Whew! It’s sure been a long time since we last hijacked our mom’s computer and wrote to you. So, please forgive us! It’s been one heck of a year around here with lots of new changes and adventures for Max and I. But, this time we promise to keep this blog up. In fact we’ve found a way to secretly dose our mom’s morning coffee to make her so sleepy that in the afternoons she is forced to take a nap, while we (two marvelous doxies) sneak into her office and take over her computer. Wahoo!

So, to start off this wonderful Woof Wednesday, here is a cute infographic that was shared with us from theuncommondog.com. Max and I are both proud to say that we are DEFINITELY best friends to our mom; despite regularly spiking of her morning coffee. But we’ll just keep that our little secret for now. ;)
Love & Licks,
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pet infographic

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Sun Bathing http://minaandmax.com/sun-bathing/ http://minaandmax.com/sun-bathing/#comments Tue, 08 May 2012 00:56:39 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=532 Hi! Max here writing today’s blog post. Even though it’s 90? degrees here in sunny California, there is nothing like a good sun spot to lay in and chill. Heck, no matter how hot it is, if there is a nice and toasty spot it’s mine! I was originally only supposed to go out for a quick walk and potty break, but before coming in I refused to budge until mom let me just lay a few moments. When the neighbor stepped out, I could hear him laughing and calling me crazy. “Hmph”! I thought. He was the crazy one not to be enjoying this marvelous sun of ours not to mention he know NOTHING about us doxies, and just how much of sun worshipers we are.

So, I just continued to lay there…and mom continued to roll her eyes.


Love & Licks,
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Max The Dachshund Sun Bathing in 90 Degree Weather














Max The Dachshund Sun Bathing in 90 Degree Weather #2














Max The Dachshund Sun Bathing in 90 Degree Weather #3














Max The Dachshund Sun Bathing in 90 Degree Weather #4














Max The Dachshund Sun Bathing in 90 Degree Weather #5














Okay, guess I’m ready to go now…

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New Dog Tags For Mina & Max http://minaandmax.com/new-dog-tags-for-mina-max/ http://minaandmax.com/new-dog-tags-for-mina-max/#comments Mon, 07 May 2012 00:12:53 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=516 Hiya! Mina here. Mom gave me permission to write to you today about our sweet new dog tags! Yep, that’s right…we got a new dog tags to strut around in. It’s a medical styled dog tag, that in one or two words speaks to the dog’s particular medial need or behavioral tendencies. These tags were created by a cool pet company called: ‘From Wags To Wishes’ and these particular tags that Max and I are wearing are part of the ‘Nurse Wags’ pet tag line. Their web site will be soon be live and then you can go and purchase your very own. Yippeee!

BTW, we got these tags early becuase our mom wanted to take some pics of us for this new pet line and is also the designer behind their logo, products and web site design. Go mom!

As you can see mine reads “anxiety”, cause I’m kind of am known to stress out easily. Max’s reads “back” becuase as a doxie sometimes his back hurts. Of course, it does not help when he goes out to pee, he loves to take a flying leap off of the last couple stair steps. He seems to think he’s like ‘superman’ or something – (sigh!). Max is silly. Okay, Max would now like to write something; time for me to go and parade my new tag to some more friends.

MAX: I love my new tag. It’s nifty, but kind of confusing. When I look down it reads: ‘kcab’ (Hmmm…I wonder what that means?)

Love & Licks,
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Mina The Doxie Wearing Her Nurse Wags Tag


Max Wearing His Nurse Wags Medical Dog Tag

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Ode To Mr. Chewy – Pet Product Review http://minaandmax.com/ode-to-mr-chewy-pet-product-review/ http://minaandmax.com/ode-to-mr-chewy-pet-product-review/#comments Thu, 29 Mar 2012 05:31:16 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=461 mr chewy.com

Howdy! Max and I wanted to write today’s blog post about Mr. Chewy; an online pet food retailer offering quality brands and subscription based ordering for hassle free delivery. You see a couple of weeks ago Mr. Chewy offered us a special $50 promotional code to use on their website in exchange for an honest review of their services. With tails a waggin’ we happily accepted.

mr chew service is 'grrrrreat'Max and I loved how easy it was to shop at Mr. Chewy.com. We found the products well categorized and it was super easy to find a brand. In fact, we found we could narrow products by pet, brand,  life stage (age), and/or specialty. Cool! In addition to dog food and dog treats, Mr. Chewy offers potty pads, cat food and cat treats, cat litter, and popular flea and tick treatments. Their website also has live chat to answer any immediate questions, which we ended up using. They were very accommodating and were really nice. But, if you rather you can always call in your order via their toll number.

mr chewy shipping characterSince Max and I are major salmon lovers, we placed our online order for a 24lb bag of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon Recipe Dry Dog Food. Mmmmm! The shipping was also free. They ship throughout the continental US and offer free shipping for any order over $49, which is a ‘grrreat’ deal. Within one week, the nice delivery man came to our door with our food. We were so excited that we both barked at him and did our happy dance.

mr chewy character eatingIn summary, what we liked best was that this online store has quick and easy online ordering and there was this nice chat lady (er…cat lady? Max seems to think so), we got to chat with and they have fast and free delivery. Oh and, they have this ‘furbulous’ referral program too. In other words we gladly and highly recommend Mr. Chewy! Woof!

BTW: Mom decided, that since it was such a nice big bag of food, that she would freeze most of it, so that it would not go bad. Once the bag was emptied out she let Max and I go to town on it.

Love & Licks,
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Free Mutt Maker Online Game – Grrrrrreat! http://minaandmax.com/free-mutt-maker-online-game-grrrrrreat/ http://minaandmax.com/free-mutt-maker-online-game-grrrrrreat/#comments Tue, 27 Mar 2012 19:56:52 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=453 Mutt Maker Free Online Game


Mina and Max's Dachoodlemation Super Hero Dog


Mina and I just LOVE this new online game called the Mutt Maker by Animal Planet. Have you ever wanted to create you own ultra cool and custom dog breed? Well, you can do it here just like we did and viola! A new breed is born. As you can see our custom breed of choice resulted in (drum roll please)….DACHOODLEMATION! No longer is this little guy too short for the world and it’s little furry n’ ultra fluffy tail will help spin with such speed that it will propel it into the sky up, up, and away! And while flying, this little guy will be barking “To The Rescue Of A Nation!” – thus declared by this little DACHOOLDEMATION.

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Dessert Time for Mina and Max http://minaandmax.com/dessert-time-for-mina-and-max/ http://minaandmax.com/dessert-time-for-mina-and-max/#comments Mon, 05 Mar 2012 04:35:21 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=437 Howdy there! Max here writing today’s post. Our apologies for not blogging sooner. Things have been extra crazy around here and we’re busy getting ready to launch a new surprise for all of our loyal followers soon. YAY!

Now I have to let you on a little secret. My life is terrible! I can hardly believe it. You’d think that we’d get WAY more treats than we do and WAY more of a bigger serving when it comes to it. But noooooo…our mom seems to think that portion control is a good thing. I say who needs portion control?! Life other than us, is short and too precious to waste. Ha ha! None the less, we still managed to get a decent dessert last night. Our “yummy for our tummy” consisted of:

1 Banana
(We got 1/2 each. Should have been a whole one though. Duh!)

1/4 Cup of Plain Yogurt
(Should have been at least two cup’s worth, if you ask me.)

2-3 Strawberries
(We got ours sliced. Nice! But, it still should have been top with at least 10 strawberries.)

It was yummy. We got so excited that we did our happy dance.

mina and max dessert time for spoiled dachshunds

Love & Licks
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Battle For The Treat, A Doxie Is Hard To Beat http://minaandmax.com/battle-for-the-treat-a-doxie-is-hard-to-beat/ http://minaandmax.com/battle-for-the-treat-a-doxie-is-hard-to-beat/#comments Fri, 10 Feb 2012 23:31:21 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=424 Hi there! Mina writing today’s blog. Max and I just saw this totally awesome movie about a little hero dachshund, who gets it. It makes perfect sense after all simply because we are so smart. And even though we’re low to the ground, we can use it for our advantage and…wha? Okay, Max wants to write something…

Max here: I LOVE treats. Treeeaatssss….hhmmmmmm

Mina: (sigh)

Love & Licks,
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Dachshund Thoughts http://minaandmax.com/dachshund-thoughts/ http://minaandmax.com/dachshund-thoughts/#comments Thu, 12 Jan 2012 04:02:55 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=389 Hi There! Max writing in today’s post. Mina and mom seem to think I am simple minded. But I tell you, it’s not that…it’s just that I know what I want. Check out my little (borrowed) poem and the proof for it below that expresses my daily sentiment. Life is GOOD!

Dachshund Thoughts
Author Unknown

If I like it, it’s mine.
If it’s in my mouth, it’s mine.
If I can take it from you, it’s mine.
If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine.
If it’s mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.
If I’m chewing something, all the pieces are mine.
If it looks just like mine, it is mine.
If I saw it first, it’s mine.
If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.


max the dachshund sniffing for a single thought

Love & Licks,
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A Doxies Delight For Pet Frenzied Americans http://minaandmax.com/a-doxies-delight-for-pet-frenzied-americans/ http://minaandmax.com/a-doxies-delight-for-pet-frenzied-americans/#comments Thu, 22 Dec 2011 20:58:33 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=350 Hiya! Mina here, writing in today’s blog. Max is busy licking himself right now. Sooo…check out this awesome infographic by Frugal Dad. It’s not so much how HOW much you spend on pets, but how much you CARE about them. We also just found out via this infographic, that Rin Tin Tin got twice as much fan mail as President Hoover and one owner even left her dog with millions when she died. Whoah. Ooo! And did you know that dog owners on average live up to 3 years longer than their non-canine-loving counterparts. Of course we did. After all…who can refuse the silliness and joy that canine frenzy love brings to life? (hee hee!)

Love & Licks,

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Max and I would like to know: What’s your favorite take away fact from this infographic? As for us, we like the weekly letters part.

click here to see full view of pet frenzy infographic

To see this entire infographic, please click on the image above. Next mouse over it and then click on it to view the full magnification.

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