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Free Holiday Gift Tag Set

Hi! This is Mina here. I’m excited to write in and let you know that Max and I have been in the holiday spirit so much that we got together over this past weekend and have created another little free treat ‘fur’ all of our friends. Tada! It’s two sets…

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Free Wiener Winter Wonderland Wallpaper

Howdy! Max here. Mina wanted to write today’s blog but I won the wrestling contest we just had in getting to the computer. Heh heh. Anyhoooo, here’s a little early Christmas present for all of our blog fans and twitter peeps – a dachshund desktop wallpaper, starring none other than…moi!…

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The Threat of Holiday Antlers

Mina here: Tomorrow Max and I are going to have a little fun freebie surprise. So, stay tuned! YAY! Speaking of those who are trying to surprise; we just overheard our mom talking about buying us some reindeer antlers. As if that were not humiliating enough she wants to then…

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Dogs in Cars – A Sweet Ride

OMGosh! We just found an awesome video short on dogs who can fly like us. We love to do the same thing that these following dogs here get to do in here via this ‘fido footage’. It’s so fun going for rides. It’s pure AWESOMNESS! Dogs in Cars from keith…

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Laundry Day – A Guilty Pleasure

Hi there! Mina here. While my mom does not consider her laundry day to be a pleasure, she still seems to get a kick out of us when we secretly ‘snake’ our way into her clean laundry basket. Heck, there were even a few times when we were so stealth…

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Grandma’s Visit

Gramma came to visit us yesterday. We were so happy to see her that Mina and I did our happy dance. I then jumped on the couch and hoped right in her lap. Mina just sat and watched. We cuddled for a bit. Then as Gramma started to unpack I…

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Dear Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws, We’ve been good weiner dogs this year…for the most part. A few cats were chased, I only nipped at a couple of people and Max only pooped on the floor just twice. Never the less, here is our Christmas list: o Deep sea diving helmet o Box…

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Behold…My Butt!

This is Max here writing today’s entry. Every one else is quietly sleeping so I thought that I would sneak on here and write to you all! Just found this pic of my little tushy taken some time ago. I just had to post it here. You see I always…

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Our Tail of Tales

Welcome to our very first blog post. Max and I have talked things over and decided that most of the blogs will be posted by me, Mina. Mainly becuase I tend to work better with my paws, can type faster and am just overall smarter. Ha ha! Just kidding, but…

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