minaandmax.com » Christmas http://minaandmax.com Two Dachshunds Who Blog Mon, 26 Jan 2015 21:31:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.1 12 Dogs of Christmas Illustration http://minaandmax.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-illustration/ http://minaandmax.com/12-dogs-of-christmas-illustration/#comments Fri, 23 Dec 2011 19:40:03 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=371 Max here, writing today’s entry. Mina and I just found this ‘furbulous’ infographic via pet365’s blog. Look, see those dachshunds in there? There’s twelve of them. Love it! Wanna lick it! We ran over and told mom so she could look at it too. Then we wanted to see it again, but this time made her put on the original 12 Day of Christmas music playing in the background for us. We couldn’t help it and the next thing we knew we were howling along. Ha!

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12 dogs of Christmas Fun Infographic

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Free Holiday Gift Tag Set http://minaandmax.com/free-holiday-gift-tag-set/ http://minaandmax.com/free-holiday-gift-tag-set/#comments Tue, 20 Dec 2011 22:26:34 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=327 Hi! This is Mina here. I’m excited to write in and let you know that Max and I have been in the holiday spirit so much that we got together over this past weekend and have created another little free treat ‘fur’ all of our friends. Tada! It’s two sets of  D.I.Y canine holiday gift tags. The 1st set has more of our vintage styled look and coloring, while the second set uses more traditional Christmas coloring.

We hope you like them. Enjoy!

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free canine holiday gift tags shown

(Due to the HUGE popularity of these tags as well as their seasonal spin, they are no longer available for free)


•If you want, turn the tags into labels for the present instead. Simply cut off the edge there to make it squared and tape it on! Or print the tags on 8.5 x 11 sticker paper. Print, peel and stick. Viola! (You can find full sized sticker paper at most office stores, Walmart, Target, Etc.)

•To create a hole in the tags use a hole puncher and punch the edge(s) there to string the ribbon through.

•If you plan to use thicker ribbon, print the tags on stock paper. Also, with thicker paper, you can easily slip the tag right into the ribbon where it should sit…stay!

•If you want to keep the present vintage style simply take an old grocery paper bag, cut it up and turn it inside out to wrap the present. (It’s what Max and I did here).

•For adding a touch of old parcel flair, use string instead of ribbon. Nothing like using items from around the house. Woof!

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The Threat of Holiday Antlers http://minaandmax.com/the-threat-of-holiday-antlers/ http://minaandmax.com/the-threat-of-holiday-antlers/#comments Thu, 15 Dec 2011 20:01:29 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=289 Mina here: Tomorrow Max and I are going to have a little fun freebie surprise. So, stay tuned! YAY!

Speaking of those who are trying to surprise; we just overheard our mom talking about buying us some reindeer antlers. As if that were not humiliating enough she wants to then photograph us wearing them. Gah!. Hold on…Max wants to write too.

Max: Reindeer antlers? Oooo… where?!
Mina: Shhhh! (sigh)

Love & Licks,
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Grandma’s Visit http://minaandmax.com/grandmas-visit/ http://minaandmax.com/grandmas-visit/#comments Sun, 11 Dec 2011 23:34:47 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=209 Gramma came to visit us yesterday. We were so happy to see her that Mina and I did our happy dance. I then jumped on the couch and hoped right in her lap. Mina just sat and watched. We cuddled for a bit. Then as Gramma started to unpack I had to investigate, just in case she had some yummy for our tummies. She then helped mom decorate for Christmas a bit and tried to teach me how to count, while I was back on her lap. She also tried to introduce me to one of the reindeer decorations. It was an odd introduction.
Ooo! Gramma even helped us with our Christmas wish list to Santa Paws. Mina asked her is Santa would be okay with us only doing a FEW naughty things this year. She chuckled and said ‘Yes, Santa loves all doggies and knows that their hearts are pure’. Sweet I thought! We had a really fun time yesterday. If you like, click here to see more pics of her visit with us. (sigh) I wish she could visit us more often. We love Gramma.

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Dear Santa Paws http://minaandmax.com/dear-santa-paws/ http://minaandmax.com/dear-santa-paws/#comments Sat, 10 Dec 2011 23:49:59 +0000 http://minaandmax.com/?p=183 Dear Santa Paws,

We’ve been good weiner dogs this year…for the most part. A few cats were chased, I only nipped at a couple of people and Max only pooped on the floor just twice. Never the less, here is our Christmas list:

o Deep sea diving helmet

o Box full of squirrels to be released in our living room

o Crate full of bananas for us to jump in and eat our way through

o Life sized box of miniature gingerbread cookies from A Barker’s Dozen Gourmet Dog Treats

o A tiara for me, this establishing my dominion

o New bow tie for Max to further his ‘lady tactics’ in wooing them – he’s good at that

o Fuzzy Kitty Slippers

o Our own private dog park full of cats to chase

o To be a foot taller

o For all dogs everywhere to have a safe warm and loving home for Christmas and beyond

Love & Licks,

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